Essential Oil Education made simple.

You want essential oil education that is simple and easy. Browse our Digital Education Collection below and get ready to learn exactly what you need to enjoy using your oils. And Young Living Brand Partners we have the business tools for you to have a profitable business too!

The Oil User Collection

Essential Oil Journal

The ultimate beginner's guide to using essential oils. We show you oil safety, how to dilute oils, where to apply oils, substitution oils for when you don't have an oil for a recipe, oils to use for different body systems. Plus sheets you can use to record your favorite recipes.


Clean Home

12 Recipes and tips for cleaning your home with oils + PDF printable labels


The Business Collection

Ultimate Essential Oil Business Tracker

Take your YL Business from hobby to actually running it like a real business. This digital tracker spreadsheet will help you learn the true health of your Essential Oil business. Allowing you to confidently project where your business is going and alert you to trends of where your business may be slipping.

10-Tab Digital Tracker Spreadsheets to help you keep track of your OGV, downline customers, brand partners, business expenses and income

Instructional Tech Video that explains how to set up your business tracker and how to use it.


Trello System- Goals for Oils and Life

Trello board to help you create and organize your business goals for the year dividing them into 90-day achievable sections. Plus helps you organize your prospects and current members so no one falls through the cracks.